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♠ N E R O
19 October 2011 @ 12:37 am
[ Feed flickers on and Nero's sitting at Dante's desk, his feet kicked up and a couple pizza boxes surrounding him. His leg, after all, his hollow and when he woke up a couple days ago feeling like his normal self, he couldn't help but get back into his normal clothes and chow down on about half a dozen pizzas. It's taken him only a couple days to realize that Dante has stormed in the place, fuming about something. It took him less time to look down at his 'berry's contact list and notice that Dante's name wasn't there anymore. Lucky bastard. ]

For those who knew him. Dante's gone. [ A pause before he smiles. ] And I got my own place now. [ Not that it looks like much actually. And Nero's sort of sad that the only person from his 'world' had left. ]
♠ N E R O
11 October 2011 @ 11:20 am
[ Dreamberry flickers on and Nero is standing there, seeming a bit awkward. He's felt horrible for the past hour so he's finally decided to use this as a way to create an open discussion with those of Somarium. Sure, he hasn't spoken to many of the people here. He's a bit of a social recluse but still. The teen takes in a deep breath, he's not wearing his usual outfit of...leather. Just a pair of jeans and a white shirt. In fact his normal clothes is in a donating bin. First hint that something's wrong with the half-demon. ]

I've decided to turn to pacifism instead of using my sword and gun to fight cra--I mean, stuff. I'm also working on the swearing thing. I think I've sworn too much and those I swore in front of I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of that, that was the old me and the old me was...a bit of a jerk. I don't want this to be the way people perceive me as. So, it won't be. Starting today.

[ FILTER: allen walker ]

Allen, I'm sorry. I'm giving you my sword. She'll do more in your hands.

[ FILTER: dante ]

You can have my gun and I apologize for your bike. I'm working hard to pay for the repairs myself.
♠ N E R O
01 September 2011 @ 12:48 am
[ Video flickers on as the ground travels quickly in front of it. Why? You may ask?

Because Dante is in a sleep coma.

What does that have to do with Nero, you may ask?

Because Dante's beloved motorcycle is an inanimate object thus it is not in a sleep coma. Therefore, dumbass teenagers do what dumbass teenagers do when their parents/guardians/general people who kick their asses when they do something stupid cannot kick their ass discipline them. And because of the celebration of teenager freedom that is being captured on film, Nero will now rev up the engine and go faster. Because that is what you typically do on a motorcycle. Even if Nero's never driven one. Ever. He was actually surprised he got it to stay balanced for as long as he did and had nearly ran into a wall starting out. Dante would have kicked him. Nero doesn't stop. He doesn't halter in the fact that he actually does realize why Dante drives this thing. The motorcycle pops up for a moment and Nero nearly falls but he gains control and he's right back at it again.
] Wahooooo~ [ He revs up the engine again as he zooms through the area he had found where there was no buildings (or people) to crash into.

Instead, there was a lake he could drive into. But he's not thinking about that right now guys. The silver-haired teen nearly loses control of the motorcycle and easily corrects it. Still not changing speeds before suddenly seeing the lake coming into view. Sure, he knows how to go fast. He hasn't really mastered slowing down. Straight out of a movie, the motorcycle hits the ground and travels closer and closer to...falling into said lake with Nero's leg caught underneath it.
] FUCK FUCK FUCK! [ The half-demon uses his spectral hand to dig into the earth, grounding him for the most part and slowing down the speed of the way the bike was moving towards the water. In all the craziness, the dreamberry had fallen from his pocket and was laying several feet away from him. Right now, Nero was just glad that it didn't fall into the lake.

And was hoping it wasn't scratched. He was pretty sure he took most of the damage. Yeah. He took most of it. The wearily looking teen comes into view of the dreamberry pushing his hair out of his face as he quickly pocketed and started...walking the motorcycle home.
♠ N E R O
19 August 2011 @ 12:58 am
[ Feed flickers on as Nero lounges back against a tree, an exasperated sigh leaving him as he lifts his headphones to his ears. Hell, he probably doesn't even know that the 'berry was filming him as he ran his hand down his face. Camping out was all good and all. But when it came down to it, he'd rather have a television and a large pizza with everything imaginable on that thing. Instead he's living the hobo life, camped out by the lake after about five hours of trying to catch a goddamn fish. :| Fuck he's not some survivalist type. He was still waiting for the fish to take the bait, he's not even thinking of what to do when he actually catches one. IF he catches one that is. It's looking pretty bleak for the kid ladies and gents. And Nero's stomach is growling just at the thought of finally getting something to eat. He isn't the type to ask for help, you see. Even if he's sure that if he puts something out there someone will feel pity for the newly arrived half-demon and give him someplace to actually stay with a roof over his head. ]

Oh, fuck this! [ He finally growls before getting up and jumping into the water. Making more of a commotion then most people would actually think of someone who was trying to fish before pulling out 'Red Queen', the concealed handgun and firing into the water repeatedly. After a couple shots, Nero finally just kicks at the water in frustration before dropping both his hands to the side. The 'berry catches at least two fish that had been victims of the mass shooting floating to the top before he puts his weapon away and snatches them both up. Satisfied with himself. ]
♠ N E R O
13 July 2011 @ 12:00 am
[Player name] Sam
[Age] 23
[Personal Journal] thepookybear
[Other characters currently played] Cloud Strife | makoinjected, Riku | soughtfreedom, Tyki Mikk | noahhobo, Genis Sage | halfelfmagic.

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